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Worship is an expression of devotion and love to God. God lives in pure atmosphere, it is said that prayer is an anti virus that protects human being from viruses like sorrows, sins and hopelessness. Worship can help a devotee to purify his heart and emotions, generate harmonious vibrations, and stabilize his mind. To achieve all these stated above, home puja is essential.


PlanMyPuja covers major rituals that include the Hawan,Wedding ceremony, Satyanarayan Katha, etc. While organizing the puja for the client; services right from booking the pandit(s), arranging the samagris, booking the venue, decorating the puja premises to managing the Prasad service for the puja is handled by the team of Where’s My Pandit. All the services provided under this segment are puja centric. For availing this sterling service of PlanMyPuja, you are required to fill-in the form.

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