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Festival PUJA

Hinduism has unquestionably longer list of festivals than any other religion and festival is the time to celebrate and remember God. It creates a special atmosphere by diverting the minds from worldly concern to joyful spiritual concerns. Festivals also provides inspirations of peacefully bring individuals, families and communities together. According to Hindu mythology, it is said that if puja is formed at auspicious time it provides good fortune and wisdom. Several festivals have their own Significances:

Navratra is celebrated to worship nine forms of Ma Durga. To enrich the wealth, prosperity and fortune Laxmi Puja is performed on Diwali.

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While organizing the puja for the client; services right from booking the pandit(s), arranging the samagris, booking the venue, decorating the puja premises to managing the Prasad service for the puja is handled by the team of Where’s My Pandit. All the services provided under this segment are puja centric. For availing this sterling service of PlanMyPuja, you are required to fill-in the form.
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